accounting ledger bookI know it’s not even close to tax season … and no, I’m not closing the doors on a business or wrapping up my personal affairs after a dire diagnosis. But, I am getting ready for the ACFW Conference next week and my brain turned toward financial things like how much cash I should bring along for my carbonated no-calorie caffeine addiction. Not to mention filing away the receipts for things I can use as a tax deduction with my business.

Then there will be the inevitable moment when my husband asks for the total figure of how much my trip to St. Louis has cost. That moment when I give an account of the resources he let me use toward my dream and answer for things like paying “HOW MUCH??” for a Diet Dr. Pepper.

The thought of accounting reports sent my mind wandering back toward a sermon a couple weeks ago and the reminder that we have each been entrusted with a unique combination of talents, resources, ideas, people, and time. And there will come a day when the Master calls us to bring the books, open them up, and give an accounting of what we’ve done with what He gave us to use. How did I use what He gave to honor Him and bless others?

Did I hide my writing gift out of fear or did I enter contests, send chapters to my critique partner, query agents and editors, and use my writing to reach people right now through my blog, devotional ebooks, and blogging for the missions department at our church?

Did I wait for my kids to grow up to a different, less-whiny, life stage or did I use every opportunity to teach them Biblical values in practical situations and model what a lifestyle of walking by faith looks like? Did I invest into their lives and earn the right to speak truth through our relationship?

Did I complain about tight finances and waste time envying others or did I faithfully and obediently give my tithe and beyond to advance God’s Kingdom here on Earth? How many Bibles were printed in China as a result? How many children saw God’s love and heard the good news through a gift-filled shoebox? How many bottles of water or meals were given in the name of Jesus to those facing a natural disaster? How many hurting people found hope through a television or radio program?

So, as I prepare for ACFW and deal with the practical things like packing and cash, I’m also taking a look at the other resources at my disposal like prayer, smiles, attitude, encouragement, and ideas. Will I spend them wisely, knowing I will give an account?

What about you? What unique combination of resources do you have? How are you using them? If you knew you had to give an account, would it affect your decisions?

Settling My Account Books
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