typing on laptopHave you ever met people who talk big but never produce results? I know those who know all the statistics and strategies of a sport … from the couch. Or those who browse hobby and craft stores for amazing projects … that remain undone collecting dust on a shelf. Or those who have a drawer full of clipped recipes to wow their family with … and cook the same three meals every week. Or those who plan to start a new diet or exercise plan … and spend more time memorizing the research than sticking with it.

Not too long ago, I was at a writing conference with a group of professional and want-to-be professional writers. Many were multi-published or contracted and served as inspiration for the rest of us. Then, there were those who talk the talk, plot the plot, critique the same chapter over and over, and never quite reach the end or press send to submit their story to an editor or agent. The same types of folks show up each month in my local writers group or in the comments section of popular writing blogs.

Recently I was convicted about the lack of writing activity I’d been doing since my Genesis winning high point. It was as if someone stood over my cramped desk and wagged a crooked finger in my face. Don’t just talk the talk or dream about that next book, sit down and get to work. That means cutting back on the craft books and teaching videos and plotting worksheets. Instead, writing is measured by more words on the page and the creeping green bar on my website’s progress meter.

Because of emotional family changes and the time-consuming process as my special-needs daughter transitions to adulthood, I did not officially sign up for NaNoWriMo this month. However, I did make it a personal goal to establish a consistent habit as a writer, even if that only means 100 words in a day. One hundred is better than nothing and it gets my brain thinking about the story in such a way that the next time I sit down to write, the words flow.

So, I want to be a writer? Act like it!

What about you? Do you tend to talk the talk or walk the walk when it comes to your personal interests? How do you make yourself just do it?

Just Do It
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