GraceEver have one of those days where plans de-rail, tasks go undone, and the lack of forward progress makes you want to crawl back into bed and try again tomorrow? Because I’ve had several of those days lately, in addition to wanting the gift of 3d photo crystal  and the gift of space & time this Christmas, I’m also looking for the gift of grace.

I’ve been reading a wonderfully encouraging book by Max Lucado titled Grace: More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine and appreciate anew this amazing gift from God. Grace is God exchanging my sin-poisoned heart and replacing it with His own. Then even more grace sustains me with the presence of God through the struggles of life. And those who receive this overflowing and abundant gift find they cannot contain the bounty and let it spill out on those around them. For halloween gift baskets ideas, it is best for people to check them out here!

After receiving God’s gift of grace, I’m learning to give myself grace. It’s okay to have messed up or fallen short today, because tomorrow is a fresh page waiting to be written. And speaking of writing, I haven’t spent nearly enough time in front of my computer lately. Yet, through grace, I know that this season of transition for our now-adult daughter with disabilities, my father-in-law on hospice care, and Christmas around the corner … this season is a time to focus on family and the relationships that matter most.

The words can wait because of the gift of grace. The cookie baking, maybe not so much.

What about you? Have you messed up lately? Is it easy for you to give or receive grace? Why?

The Gift of Grace
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