hope was bornThe kids are out of school for a couple weeks. The tree is decorated and wrapped gifts wait underneath the branches. Our family’s traditional homemade salami and cheese balls are made. All that remains is the countdown to Christmas Day. This year I’m giving myself the gift of space, the gift of time, the gift of grace, and lastly the gift of hope.

To be honest, this last stretch has been rough emotionally as we’ve adjusted to the permanence of life caring for an adult with disabilities while being reminded that life is temporary as my father-in-law’s health failed. Yet, through it all was hope. Hope based in the knowledge that God is in control. That He has good things planned for each of us. That this life is not the end of the story. That there is a place without tears, pain, or suffering.

Hope says there will be a day when my daughter no longer struggles with her genetic syndrome symptoms. A day when my father-in-law will walk again after 50-plus years of paralysis in a wheelchair. A day when we will see Jesus face to face. A day when evil will be defeated and banished forever.

Hope says there is a glorious future awaiting those who trust in God, because two thousand years ago God came down to earth as a baby. He lived and struggled alongside humanity so He could understand our weaknesses, then took our punishment and conquered death all so we could be reconciled and spend eternity with Him.

That’s hope. The ultimate gift we can all receive because¬†Christ came to earth on Christmas Day.

What about you? Do you have hope? What does hope look like for you? What gifts do you want this Christmas?

The Gift of Hope
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