thermometer behind the frozen windowAs I write this, Colorado is finally warming up again after our share of frigid, Arctic air. And to be perfectly honest, I hate being cold. But being the optimist that I am, I tried to focus on the things I love about cold weather.

An excuse to wear those fuzzy, soft sweaters on my shelf. To tuck my chin down into the collar and tug the sleeves down over my hands. To snuggle up under a blanket and sip hot chocolate with floating marshmallows. To gather with the family for a pot of chili followed by a movie or game night where we can deposit to play right away. To thaw my frozen toes by a fire or over the heat register beneath my desk and imagine tropical locations.

Because there is the truest reason I love the cold weather. Freezing cold and snow makes me appreciate the other seasons even more. After all, if I haven’t experienced -10, then 50 degrees feels miserable. Without the bare branches of winter, would I truly appreciate the flowering buds of spring, lush green leaves of summer, or vibrant colors of fall? So, while in the midst of coldest winter, I find the sources of warmth and wait with anticipation for the promise of the spring to come.

Life is a lot like the weather. Unpredictable, and yet seasonal. Violent storms followed by gentle breezes. Blistering heat and stressful drought followed by life-sustaining and cleansing rains. Bitter cold isolation followed by warm friendships.

And like with the cold weather outside, all I can do is draw warmth from God’s Word and His promises to never leave me alone. Just when I think the forecast might never change, there comes a shift in the jet stream of grace bringing milder conditions and I venture outside again.

I’m loving the cold weather, because spring will come again.

What about you? What’s the weather been like where you live? Do you have a favorite season? Do you enjoy the good things about the season you are in or spend your time wishing things would change?

Loving The Cold Weather
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