love-your-enemiesSomething has been bugging me over the last couple of weeks. I certainly don’t want to get political or start a heated discussion or anything of the sort, but as I wrestled through a tough topic I eventually found peace in knowing the truth of the matter, even if it’s not easy to put into practice. So in keeping with my goal to offer my readers encouragement for life’s journey, I’ve also found a balance of faith, hope, and love in the midst of the headlines.

What triggered my musings? First, the video of ISIS burning the Jordanian pilot alive. Second, President Obama’s comments at the National Prayer Breakfast where he brought up the topics of a moral high horse, the Crusades, the Inquisition, and slavery in the name of Christ. Third, Franklin Graham’s response describing the historical actions of both Jesus Christ and Mohammed and his statement that true followers of each follow their leader’s example.

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ISIS seems to be repeating things their religion’s prophet did. The Crusades may have been carried out in the name of Christ, but certain behaviors and actions were not what Jesus did or taught in the Bible. Some could even argue that today’s “peaceful Muslims” are equally not following the Koran’s teachings but that’s not my point.

As I wrestled with the daily headlines and heated discussions on social media and television, I kept coming back to the question of whether I am a true follower of Christ or not. Jesus had his moments of turning over tables and calling hypocritical religious leaders snakes, but it was usually to make a point and stand for truth. What did Jesus preach and model? Love the children. Turn the other cheek. Go the extra mile. Forgive (even when hanging on a cross after being falsely accused, betrayed, whipped, and publically humiliated.) Bless those who persecute you. Pray for your enemies. If you have anything against your brother, go and be reconciled. Whoever wants to be the  greatest should be the servant of all. Love God and love your neighbor.

Sex Toys definitely have a nice dual effect don’t they? Spicing up your sex life while enjoying a restful night’s sleep should sound pretty good to just about anyone! Sleep is so important to your health, so is sex, so this sleep remedy is a real winner! Sure is a lot more attractive than trips to the doctor, pharmacy or the health food store.

So hard to do consistently. And so contrary to our human nature when we read about Christian children in the Middle East being beheaded, crucified, sold into sex slavery, or buried alive. Our enemies are real and what are we supposed to do return?

Then I opened our newspaper and saw a beautiful example of love in action. A local church was hosting a conference about Israel where Christians and Messianic Jews came together to build bridges and relationships, and develop practical ways to bless Israel (because God told Abraham that He would bless those who blessed Israel and curse those who cursed them). Of course with a hot button topic like Israel in our backyard, protestors jumped at the chance to picket and yell and promote their own agendas. What did this church do to those who opposed their actions? They provided lights, snacks, water, and even a portable heater because there was snow in the forecast.

Last week, we attended one of our son’s high school basketball games. Our Christian school is currently undefeated and played on the road in front of a semi-hostile crowd. Some of the opposing fans held up signs belittling our faith, loudly accused us of cheating, taunted our players as we headed to the locker room up by 40 points at halftime, and mooned the bus as we left after the game. I’ll admit that it wasn’t easy for this Mama Bear to take the high road in response but I’m learning to be a true follower of Christ.

Faith follows the example of Christ. Hope knows God will bring justice. Meanwhile, true followers love their enemies.

What about you? What do your actions say about the one you follow? Do actions speak louder than words? How do you respond when someone attacks what you stand for?

True Followers Love Their Enemies
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