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say-yes“Wherever God wants me to be for however long He says, my answer is Yes.”

Two weeks ago was our church’s Missions Week and we were blessed to hear multiple guest missionaries speak. As part of the Storytellers team responsible for the missions department blog and website, I was present for all of the events and took a lot of notes. This post’s opening quote came from a young man serving the invisible people in the inner city of Denver and I haven’t been able to shake his words since.

Among my writer friends, there is often talk about getting “The Call” from an editor or agent offering a publishing contract. We giggle, swoon, and replay the moment when our lives changed from wanna-be writers to being under contract. From that moment on, we were business partners with a publisher for an assigned task and period. Editing deadlines and marketing questionnaires were part of the package and when the editor calls, we answer.

While I answered the publishing call from Bling! last December, I answered a different call years earlier. As a young child, I recognized God’s loving call to be part of His Kingdom by exchanging my fear and shame for peace and forgiveness. As I learned more about Kingdom life, I then realized a deeper call to use my gifts to tell others the good news of God’s amazing grace. Right now, that involves writing the missions department blog, my devotional blog, and other stories of faith, hope, and love because I can’t help sharing what God has done in my life. The mission field is right outside my door and beyond my computer screen.

So, for however long God says, my answer to His call to write is “Yes.”

What about you? Have you heard God’s call? What was your answer? Where is your mission field? How are you using your gifts to point to God?


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