excuses are uselessWhat is it about setting a specific goal that brings out the obstacles?

One of my goals in January was to start working on a new book. But before I dove into a mind-consuming story world, there were a few things I needed to do first including initial revisions for my contracted novel and developing a marketing plan including list of influencers. Since I was on a roll, I scheduled a series of guest blogs to coincide with the book launch in December. With a date circled on my calendar for a future line-edit deadline, I started work on the new story hoping to get a fast draft completed before needing to mentally switch back to an older set of characters.

Then the line-edits were ready for me to look at much earlier than anticipated. No problem. I’d clear them up right away, cross that circled date off the calendar, and return to the fictional mountains. Meanwhile, my day job doing overflow legal research had dried up. On the positive side, I could write full-time. On the negative, no income.

So, I detoured to see what I could do to jumpstart sales of my existing non-fiction devotionals. Updated interior copy to point readers to my website, email list, and other books. New covers. Priced the two shortest ebooks as free in hopes to hook readers on their respective series. Intentional social media updates. Visibility improved as March approached, even if income hadn’t (yet?).

I signed up for Speedbo with the Seekerville gang and set a personal goal for the month of March to make a big dent in the fast draft of the new story. Accountability paired with prizes for checking in? Maybe that was the push I needed.

Except that I blog for the Missions department at our church and this past weekend launched Missions Week and there were blogs, website updates, and a table to man in the lobby during the services. Not to mention nightly meetings this week. Add in a volunteer commitment to help my youngest son’s 5th grade class edit their research papers, my oldest son’s Regional basketball tournament, and his truck breaking down.

Excuses are everywhere, even if some of them are completely valid. Yet, if I’m going to seriously pursue my dream of publication, I need more completed stories. The time has passed for making excuses.

There will always be reasons to avoid or delay progress towards our goals whether they are personal fitness, weight loss, financial stability, or writing another book. But as I was reminded the other day through a quote on Twitter, excuses are useless … results are priceless.

What about you? What goals are you striving toward? What is keeping you from making progress? How do you overcome the excuses?


Excuses Are Useless
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