giving a giftAwhile back, I scrounged the Walmart $5 DVD bin as a reward to myself for meeting a writing goal. The two movie set I found near the bottom featured the 1992 classic Pure Country with George Strait along with a 2010 unexpected treasure Pure Country 2: The Gift. To be honest, neither would win awards for acting. But the singing? I found myself humming several of the songs for days and even weeks.

And months later, the message of The Gift still resonates.

The premise? Three angels bestow a gift on a newborn girl … the gift of an amazing voice. But with a gift comes great responsibility and there are three simple rules she must live by. Don’t lie. Be fair. And don’t break your promises. Easy enough perhaps when in her small town, but when she heads to Nashville to pursue a singing career, the rules get tested. Along the way, she learns to sing with her heart instead of her voice. (Spoiler alert: There is a group of adorable special needs kids who make an appearance and I needed a box of tissues.) It’s a story chock-full of Christian values while encouraging everyone to dream big dreams. A treasure indeed for this fellow artist hoping for her chance to shine in the “Nashville” of the publishing world.

As the credits rolled, I was reminded of a line from the Christmas movie, The Nativity. “We have all been given a gift.” Then I recalled the words of Paul to Timothy to not neglect, but rather stir up the gift within him. Peter also encouraged believers to serve as managers of God’s gifts and use them to serve each other.

So as I thought about the movie’s message, I realized that I too have been given a gift and have a responsibility. I must not take it for granted, but instead nourish and strengthen it. I must make choices that honor the Gift Giver. Since God gave me the gift, He has a plan for me to use it, so I must watch for the doors God opens. While I hope and pray that my writing will reach readers through my books, I am also sharing my gift locally by blogging for the missions department at our church, telling the stories of what God is doing through other willing hearts in order to inspire others to support missions. I also try to encourage and mentor other writers.

The gift is not for my fame or riches. The gift is meant to be shared.

What about you? What gift have you been given? Is the gift for you or for others? How are you sharing the gift?



Sharing The Gift
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