princess-girl-724715_1280My daughter earned her nickname “Princess” as a darling tiny girl with long eyelashes … and later when her sensitivity to certain textures made her hyper-aware of tiny nuisances like microscopic holes in her socks or teeny strings dangling from her clothing. (Like the story of the Princess and the pea.)

But once she hit adolescence, the hormonal changes brought out a bossy side to the routine-loving autistic piece of her genetic syndrome. She likes things done a certain way and demands they be done immediately after she issues the orders. Her favorite words are “I want you to do it my way. That’s fair.”

Some days, living with the Princess is an object lesson in patience, soft answers, and serving others out of love. (And then retreating with gritted teeth to fetch a Diet Dr. Pepper and a little peace and quiet!)

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Yet, how many times do I approach my Heavenly Father with a list of demands and a timeline? I’ll have to be honest and admit that my prayers sometimes come across like a Princess. Even if the Bible says I’ve been adopted into God’s family and made joint heirs with the King of Kings, that doesn’t give me the right to act like a whiny, bossy, ungrateful child who forgets that the parent might have a better plan. Or better timing.

So, I’m learning how to phrase my requests. And rather than pout when my selfish an short-sided orders aren’t followed by the Sovereign God in charge of the universe, I’m learning to trust His timing and wisdom.

Even if that wisdom has me caring for and listening to a Princess in my own house.

What about you? Do you know anybody with a Princess mode? How can we pray without slipping into a “do it my way” demands?


Do It My Way
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