arlington-national-cemetery-354846_1280Here in the United States, today is Memorial Day. Often appreciated as a backyard BBQ opportunity to signal the end of another school year and the official launch to summer, this federal holiday was established as a day to honor the memories of those who died while serving in the country’s armed forces.

To remember those set aside their own dreams and plans to serve our country and protect freedom around the world. And in remembering their sacrifice, we honor theirĀ lives and appreciate anew the blessings we enjoy.

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Blessings like the freedom to share my thoughts online in the written word. To openly gather with others of like-minded faith. To be my own boss and own a home with plenty of food in the pantry. To have my daughter’s disability supported rather than shunned. To have (too many!) options for my son’s future education.

So, this Memorial Day, as I stagger through six miles of the Bolder Boulder 10K with my youngest son, I’m remembering those who have gone before who allowed me the opportunity to create new memories with my family.

What about you? What do you appreciate about our freedom? Who would you thank and how?

Thanks For The Memories
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