book-2869_640If it wasn’t for the virtual bookshelves on my Kindle app, my fiction addition would be more obvious and require more square footage. I already have three super-tall bookcases in the basement that are so loaded you have to move the sideways books at the front to spot those in the back. Add a small bookshelf in my bedroom next to a comfy chair, another with writing craft books in my office, and a stack on my desk waiting to be judged for a contest or reviewed. This of course doesn’t include the many boxes I’ve sold at garage sales or donated to the thrift store.

And that Kindle app? I have to scroll and scroll to get through the books on the device and have oodles more in the cloud.

There are a few downsides to owning this many books. Number one? Dusting, which I hate doing anyway. Two? Storage that doesn’t look junky. (I can’t understand people who have space on bookshelves for framed photos and candles, but have to admit their shelves look prettier than mine.) Three? Prioritizing what to read next and organizing the To-Be-Read’s separate from the Keepers.

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But the advantages? I’ll try not to gush too much. Experience a different location without having to pay travel expenses. Gain a deeper understanding of history through characters living there. Spark the creativity and imagination parts of my brain. Develop empathy toward others who struggle because I’ve walked that road with fictional friends. See the world through another’s eyes. Get the inside scoop on literary jokes or quotes with the insight to discuss movie remakes. Not to mention it’s cheaper per entertainment hour than going to a movie.

I’m an avid reader, and despite my bulging bookshelves, I’m always interested in discovering new books and new authors. So, starting this Wednesday on my Facebook Page (you’ve liked my page, right?), instead of sharing what’s next on my To-Be-Read pile, I’m asking for suggestions with one genre or time period per week. Please stop by and chime in on the discussion.

And if you need a jump start to your reading list, I’ve put together a list of my favorite authors by genre. Everything from Amish to military and medical to family sagas with a splash of suspense, humor, princesses, and cowboys. To get the FREEBIE, just add your name to my email list in the website sidebar or use this subscription link (depending on where you’re reading this).

What about you? What’s your favorite genre to read? Do you ever branch out to try new authors or genres? Why or why not?

Too Many Books?
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