entrepreneur-593357_1280As the countdown to launch day has begun, I’m increasingly aware of the long list of things still to get ready. And as I listen to marketing podcasts and review my notes from previous writing conferences, the lists keep on growing and growing.

Not that anything is too difficult to accomplish, just time consuming. Therefore the balance between intention and implementation becomes a daily struggle, especially when weighed against a busy household of kids on summer vacation, their friends coming in and out, and an endless parade of sporting events to attend.

Which brings me to this week’s cliché (unoriginal thought) – it’s easier said than done.

Talk is cheap (another cliché I couldn’t seem to avoid). I can talk all day about plotting, writing, marketing, blogging, and platform building. It doesn’t cost me anything in blood, sweat, tears, morney, emotion, or even very much time. Talking about what to do is easy. Along with making very detailed lists.

It’s the doing where it gets hard. Where I am required to actually sit down in front of my computer, put my hands on the keyboard, and let the words flow for a new story. Where I open a graphic design program and create a supply of promotional memes to share with my influencers. Where I set a timer, get onto social media to interact, and then sign off so I can get back on track with another task.

But writing is not the only aspect of my life where work is required. What about that yearly good intention to get more exercise and eat healthier? A gym membership or pile of recipe books doesn’t affect the scale unless I break out a sweat or avoid the drive-thru for dinner.

And just because I did well today, I still need to do the work tomorrow. And the next day.

It may be easier said than done, but I still need to DO.

What about you? How do you motivate yourself to do the work? Do you know those who talk big but never produce? Have you learned from their example?


Easier Said Than Done
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