fireworks-standWith the 4th of July around the corner, it’s the season for fireworks. I love the bursts of color against the night sky as well as the explosion of sentiment set to a backdrop of patriotic music.

But this year fireworks have taken on a different tone since my soon-to-be-senior son and I have been working shifts in the senior class fireworks stand to raise money for their missions trip over Spring Break. There’s nothing quite like hours inside a tent in extreme heat trying to convince the few browsing customers to buy when you’d much rather be sitting inside an air-conditioned building with an ice-cold soda.

Yet in the middle of the long shifts, I’m reminded of another cliché (unoriginal thought): many hands make light work.

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In order to set up, staff, and tear down fireworks stands in two adjacent towns, there were a lot of shifts to fill! In addition to the behind-the-scenes organizational elements involved, the many hands committed to the same task made the work easier. Not to mention the friendships that developed and the laughter that made the hours pass quickly.

Fireworks stands aren’t the only jobs where lots of help is, um, helpful. What about family dinners? Landscaping projects or weekly yardwork? Garage sales? Moving? Or even the quilting bees, barn-raisings, harvesting, branding, or canning parties held in more agricultural communities or in times gone by?

In each case, the more hands helping, the less burden each person must carry. Not to mention the community aspect creates laughter … and, to risk another previous cliché, time flies when you’re having fun.

What about you? Do you have any large tasks to tackle? Could you solicit help to make it easier?

Many Hands Make Light Work
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