Anna and me GraduationThey say that time flies when you’re having fun.

They also say to enjoy the moment because babies grow up so fast. But those two statements seem to contradict since middle-of-the-night feedings, diapers, cleaning up puke, consoling teary children, and countless hours of worrying and praying about their futures aren’t exactly fun and seem to last a really long time! However, there are moments in every life when we take a glance back and wonder where the years went.

Statements like the opening lines are considered cliché or unoriginal thoughts because they are repeated so often. Yet, while unoriginal thoughts are a writers worst nightmare, I’m mining the depths of clichés this summer to glean the wisdom of the ages and hope my readers will take another look at the truths they contain.

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So, back to the beginning. Time flies. Seconds add up to minutes which roll into hours, days, months, and suddenly years have gone by. Too often we spend those precious seconds and moments wishing for things to change or dreaming about the future instead of savoring the moments we will never have again.

Moments like cradling a tiny infant … watching her finally walk around the room on itty-bitty feet … seeing her board the little bus with a backpack bigger than she was … and suddenly she’s graduating from high school and launching into a new world of adulthood.

Moments like watching your belly jump from the kickboxer inside … racing to catch the boy with two speeds (on and off) … channeling that energy into multiple sports and then cheering on at most every event …consoling after losses … and wishing you could have watched him pitch in the State Championship game except you were at his sister’s graduation.

Moments like snuggling a baby boy who spent his first days in the ICU … having him toddle down the hall to climb into your bed after a bad dream … listening to stories from his vivid imagination … and watching him run his first 10K two days after leaving elementary school behind.

Time flies fast enough without wishing it was the future already! This summer I’m gleaning the wisdom from a cliché in order to spend that time wisely on the things that matter most.

What about you? When has time flown by for you? How can we avoid wasting the moments we have right now?

Time Flies
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