garden-339236_1280Now that the rainiest May I can remember is behind us, I see many of my neighbors doing yard work. Bushes are trimmed back, decorative rock walls updated, and flats of annuals installed in planters or hanging baskets. With a little time and the sunshine Colorado is normally known for, soon there will be gorgeous colors everywhere. Not to mention the fragrance of roses wafting on the evening breeze. Simply amazing.

Yet, for all of our manicured yards with curb appeal, how many of us actually spend time there other than mowing and weeding? I’ll be the first to admit a sense of satisfaction at seeing the results of my labor while cleaning the dirt out from under my fingernails. And then I somehow find myself consumed with other tasks and never just sit back to enjoy.

There’s a familiar cliché (unoriginal thought) that captures the solution perfectly: take time to smell the roses.

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Now, this certainly could mean for us to slow down enough to notice the little things around us. An instruction to press pause our frantic pace for our mental and physical well-being. To focus in on the intricate details instead of just the big picture and in doing so, discover God’s fingerprints all over creation.

But, as I find myself zipping from social media site to site and from open file on my laptop to the next tab … am I taking any time to enjoy the fruits of my labor? Just like taking a glass of lemonade outside to sit on the porch in the evening, I need to schedule time to contemplate how far I’ve come and enjoy the fragrance of friendships built or readers touched.

If I’ve worked hard on the project, why not take time to smell the roses?

What about you? Are you a task-oriented person? After checking off the boxes and reaching your goals, do you celebrate or enjoy the moment?

Time To Smell The Roses
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