team-472488_1280Call me crazy, but for some reason I thought the kids would pitch in more around the house this summer. After all, I’m still a working mom and since they didn’t have to go to their “job” of school …

This week’s cliché (unoriginal thought) pretty much sums up my expectations for our family, even if they didn’t quite work out: all for one and one for all.

All of the family members working together for one common goal and each individual serving with all of the others in mind.

It reminds me of this not-so-little-thing called the Body of Christ made up of those who have been adopted into God’s family through faith. Lately—at least in America—many Christians have lost focus on the One, the Sovereign Creator, and His expectations of holiness. Instead we have spent our energies on material things, momentary pleasures, and a slow slide toward compromise in the name of tolerance. (Skip over the recent SCOTUS decision debacle for a moment and let’s take care of the plank of issues within the Church before we complain about what non-believers do because they don’t believe in the same moral standard we claim to uphold.)

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The solution? First off, I want ALL of me—my body, mind, spirit, imagination, talents, resources, etc.—to be devoted and spent for the ONE true God. To know Him more. To be in right relationship. To glorify His name in all that I say and do.

All of me living for One God. Then, as a natural response to that life-giving relationship, ONE of me could live a life of service and love for ALL those around me.

Then, what if ALL individual believers came together with ONE purpose as a unified body to declare Christ as King and proclaim His standard of how things were meant to be? What if ONE Church reached out in love to ALL the world as lights in the darkness and offered hope to the hurting?

Would our world be changed if we really lived like this cliché states?

Then again, it already has. Because Jesus gave it ALL on the cross. Because ONE lived and died to love and save ALL of mankind.

All for one and one for all.

How are you living today?

All For One and One For All
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