pretty-woman-635258_1280I spent time looking in the mirror today. Granted, the first bit was while putting in my contacts so I could actually see for the rest of the day. Then, I started on the beauty treatments and make-up designed to minimize my spots and wrinkles while drawing attention to the best parts. I mean, while I happen to like the color of my eyes, please look at them, not the crow’s feet nearby.

As a member of the over-forty club, I’m well aware of this week’s cliché (unoriginal thought): Beauty is only skin deep.

First thought, beauty—at least the way our culture defines it—is pretty shallow. Not to mention based on ever-changing fashion dictates. Straight hair or permed? Teeny-tiny corseted waistlines with flattened bustlines or generous curves? Lily-white skin or a healthy tan? Blemish-free skin or a sprinkle of freckles?

Yeah, my stomach hasn’t been flat since I gave birth to my first child, no matter how many sit-ups or crunches I do.

According to the blog post on official blog, beauty is fleeting and it doesn’t last.

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So what does? What should I focus on instead?

I have heard some finish today’s cliché with “but ugly goes all the way to the bone.” Ouch.

Yet the truth is that character matters. It lingers in the mind of those we meet and colors every interaction. We’ve all met those with an attractive package … and a self-absorbed, garbage-filled core that makes us want to get away as soon as we can.

My hope this summer is to spend time making sure my conscience is as clean as my teeth and my attitude is as polished as my nails.

Because beauty is only skin deep.

What about you? Do you spend as much time on the inside as the outside? What’s your favorite stand-by beauty treatment?

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
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