socks-on-the-floorThings are changing at the Fick household.

The oldest child just graduated from high school into a special needs transition program to work on her job skills. Child number two is entering his senior year and we’ve been checking out the college options. The “baby” is entering middle school. And I’m ramping up promotion plans for my first published novel this fall.

With new adventures and an emptying nest, things are changing.

Yet, as conveyed in this week’s cliché (unoriginal thought), the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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On one level, we still have laundry and chores to do. Meals to fix. Bills to pay. And squabbles to referee. And anyone who’s been to a family or class reunion can confirm that we all tend to fall back into familiar habits and roles since the prankster still plays pranks. Some things never change.

But on a deeper level, we can all relate to the familiar emotions of change because we are part of the human race. The invention of airplanes or the proliferation of smart phones did not erase the mixture of anticipation and anxiety one feels when preparing to leave home and launch out into the world. Whether in a sod shanty or a technologically advanced hospital, new parents feel the same awe, joy, and responsibility when holding their newborn child. Getting that first paying job. Saying “I do.” Losing a loved one. These evoke the same emotions across all generations and cultures.

While things are changing at our house, I am not alone in the jumble of emotions because the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Even if I won’t miss the dirty socks in the middle of the floor.

Then again, maybe I will.

What about you? Is anything changing in your life? What is still the same?


The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same
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