gloves-454561_1280As I’m writing this, I’ve been sitting outside under the hot summer sun watching my oldest son play in a baseball tournament. Sweat trickling down my back and a cooler full of melting ice beside me. After back to back to back days of juggling my work and writing around his football 7-on-7 tournament, working at a basketball camp, fireworks stand shifts, and other baseball games … well, we’re both more than tired.

Which reminds me of this week’s cliché (unoriginal thought): what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger.

Pushing through obstacles when I’m tempted to quit takes character. And the more I exercise that muscle of perseverance, the stronger I am to face the next challenge. Especially when my life has a tendency to present a variety of challenges just about every week.

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Whether it’s a packed schedule, a negative review, a work deadline, a health challenge, or an unexpected change of plans, there are many opportunities to readjust my attitude and keep plugging away on the right path. And each time I put one foot in front of the other and press through the difficulty—even if it feels like I might not survive the pressure—it makes it a little bit easier the next.

One moment at a time. One more item on the never ending to-do list. One more sweltering inning.

I will survive. And I am getting stronger.

What about you? When was the last time you thought a circumstance might kill you? How did you make it through?


What Doesn’t Kill You Will Make You Stronger
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