Bling second contractA week ago I posted this picture on Facebook of me with the contract for my second novel. (Yep. Still super excited around here even as I’m planning to spend most of today on first-round revisions.)

One friend commented on my cute writing space and I had to admit that I’d cleaned it up some before taking the picture. Then I looked a little closer and saw evidence of other things readers might not know about me … until now.

1. The healthy stuff. See that water bottle off to my right? I’m trying to at least alternate a bottle of water with each can of Diet Dr. Pepper that fuels my word count.

2. The not-quite-healthy stuff. To the left and behind my laptop screen, you can catch a sliver of a glimpse of a plastic container with my stash of Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate chips with a container of roasted almonds underneath. They contain MUFA’s and must be good for me, right?

3. Behind me and in front of the printer is a stack of paper with printing on one side. That’s me being good for the environment while indulging my passion for paper to-do lists. After I’ve scribbled on and crossed out the formerly blank side, it eventually does end up in the recycling cart.

4. Another sign of me making do and saving money. See that pillow I’m sitting on? Well, my eleven-year-old son stole, er, borrowed my former desk chair with the cushion-y seat and I’m making do.

5. I know how to fix stuff with glue and a screw-gun. We found this beauty of a desk on Craigslist for $75 last December but it had a few cosmetic flaws. I glued down a section of the laminate top. I also reversed the drawer glides on the pull-out keyboard drawer and attached the front flip-down panel to the former back since the previous arrangement had ripped chunks of wood out of the edge. I love my desk, but the laptop is positioned too high for lots of typing so I mostly use a wireless keyboard and mouse on the shelf.

6. My trick to keep me and my kids on task. See that crank-it-up kitchen timer on the shelf overhead? That’s my way to “Beat The Clock” with a task I’m procrastinating on. It also comes in handy to tell my daughter she can’t ask me another question until the timer goes off.

7. Inspiration. See the photographs and notes on the wall behind my laptop? Those are how I picture the characters in a current work-in-progress as well as checklists to make sure every scene packs the right punch. (Bonus: See the cover of my first book on the glass up to my left? Now that’s inspiration to remind me that I’ve done this before and can do it again!)

8. For fellow members of ACFW and My Book Therapy, you might recognize the fat little dude perched on the edge of the box of tissues from the MBT party at last year’s ACFW conference. His cape says “Story is my superpower” and serves as another reminder that stories are powerful ways to change the world one reader at a time.

So that’s it for a behind the scenes glimpse at my writing space. Of course, I couldn’t picture all the places where my ideas hit me or the scattered notebooks where I’ve been known to jot down scene ideas and dialogue snippets to weave in later once I’m actually in front of my laptop.

What about you? Did I surprise you with anything about me? Where do you work? What does your space reveal about you?


Behind The Scenes: Secrets From My Writing Space
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2 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes: Secrets From My Writing Space

  • September 7, 2015 at 6:18 am

    There are a lot of details for a wife, mom,reader,writer, etc, etc to juggle. SO:In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. (Context in Proverbs 3 adds two or three caveats for that to be genuine and effective.) You have it right, with snacks is a bonus.

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