I’d like you to meet the new receivers coach for the Front Range University Cougars, Reed Worthington. That’s his office just down the hall. Let’s see if he has a little free time.

Reed Worthington imageFree time? I don’t think I’ve had any free time in weeks, but come on in anyway. I welcome the excuse to stop staring at my computer screen. It’s hard to believe I miss my days as a player during pre-season camp. At least then, I got to rest between our three workouts or practices every day. As a coach, I’m sweating out there in the heat during practice and then spend the breaks analyzing every play on the practice film to make sure we’re doing things correctly during the next session. Not to mention meetings with the other coaches and the players.

I’ve even been too busy to get my apartment set up. At least they feed the coaches around here so I don’t have to worry about cooking for myself. Still, nothing quite beats Mom’s home-cooking back on the farm. Do I miss Nebraska? I miss family more than the state itself. In fact, those Rocky Mountains out there are much better scenery than the flat acres of corn fields or crowded pens of dairy cows. Smells better too, except for in the locker room right after practice.

Nope. I’m too excited about the chance to coach to miss home. We’re coming off of a good camp and I think we’re all happy to transition to a regular practice schedule. The Boss has whipped the team into shape and it’s time to start preparing for our first opponent. Our goals for the season? That’s easy. Win a lot of games. Earn a trip to a Bowl Game. And hopefully compete for the conference championship.

My guys are making this job an easy adjustment. I’ve got a solid group of talented receivers including one returning starter and several with previous playing time. The young kids have a lot to learn, but since they’ll be running mostly on the scout team, I don’t really have to worry about them much at all right now.

Since I wrote the book, I know that things are not going to go smoothly with Reed’s first season as a coach, especially for a few of his players. Speaking of players, I’d like to make one more stop next week to check on one of the incoming freshman players and see how’s he’s adjusting to college life.

Catch of a Lifetime: Meet Reed Worthington
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