writing-923882_1280Those who forever seek the will of God are overrun by those who do it. ~ Reinhard Bonnke

It’s an interesting season around our house as our oldest son is applying for college scholarships and we’re praying for open doors for him to play the sport he loves at the next level. So many questions to be answered as he stands at a major crossroads in his life.

I still vividly remember seeking God’s direction for my life both in high school and then later in college. Where should I look for a job after I graduated? Who should I marry? Petrified of making a huge mistake, I think I asked God for more than one “sign” that I was following His will.

I wasn’t the only one. Maybe it’s because I went to a Christian college, but I knew scores of fellow students seeking God’s will, especially those wanting to go into the ministry. And then there were those busy leading on-campus Bible studies and leading worship for nearby churches.

Like the quote above, some were stuck in the dreaming stage while others simply rolled up their sleeves to get to work. The latter group trusted God to direct their steps as they moved ahead while the first group fell further behind simply by standing still, waiting for a neon sign of direction.

While the truth applies to many areas of ministry including serving the poor, I also see a clear application to writing. There are many who dream of writing a book someday. And some who spend hours learning the craft or creating solid plot outlines and character interviews. Then there are the ones busy adding words to manuscript after manuscript.

Those who say they want to write are overrun by those who do. And I intend to be one of the doers.

What about you? What are you seeking? Are you also doing?

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Seeking God’s Will Or Doing It?
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