giving a giftIt’s that time of year when folks scurry about buying last minute gifts and then rush home to wrap them in time for Christmas later this week. (And yes, I’ll be joining the mad dash later today since I’m so far behind on my shopping list …)

Of course, while thinking of the perfect gifts to give, there is still a part of each us that emerges with the glee of a small child poring over the Sears Wish Book of days gone by. What do I want to find under the tree? And then maturity steps in to ask what have I already received this year?

Last year, I blogged about the gifts of space, time, and grace to help aid my journey toward being a professional writer with a dedicated office. I certainly received those (and honestly still wish for more time to spend in that space, therefore I also still need to give myself grace.)

But I’ve also received many other things this year. So instead of focusing on what I want, I’ve made a list of the gifts I already have.

  • A supportive husband. (He even read my romance novel!)
  • A bunch of wonderful reviews and open doors for marketing.
  • Speaking of marketing, enough of an understanding of what works to help promote my own writing … and mentor others.
  • A second publishing contract.
  • Just the right amount of work from my day job to provide a necessary financial boost but leave ample time to focus on a book launch.
  • A routine of sorts with my Princess as we adjust to her being an adult.
  • The joy of watching my oldest son play the sport he loves (and others that he’s really good at even if they aren’t his passion.)
  • A bond with my youngest son over books and movies and stories we both enjoy.
  • Home, health, and stability.
  • An unshakable faith despite the headlines.

So this Christmas season as I come bearing gifts for others and still hoping for a gift card to offset my reading addiction, I’m also carrying with me the lavish gifts of my Heavenly Father.

What about you? Are you done with your Christmas shopping? What’s on your wish list? What have you already received?


I Come Bearing Gifts
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