entrepreneur-593357_1280Want to know a secret? I get some of my best ideas while driving.

Something about staring at the miles of road ahead of me allows the usual chaotic mixture of random thoughts to fall into order. Before I know it, I’m repeating a thought or two over and over hoping I won’t forget the special flash of inspiration.

The secret about my brainstorming hotspot is that I’ve been known to do a one-handed-fishing-expedition in my purse to find a notebook and a pen. While keeping my eyes focused out the windshield, I’ve actually scribbled ideas down on paper in my lap. Of course, when I reach my destination, I usually need to transcribe and interpret the meandering crooked lines of text. but still, the ideas have been captured.

Recording my thoughts while driving is not the safest (or smartest) idea, but as I found this past weekend, there are other ways to write while on the road.

As a writer, my virtual office is as close as my laptop or iPad mini or AlphaSmart or an old school notebook. Since those tools are portable, I can truly write anywhere. Coffee shops. Parks. Libraries. Bleachers before a sporting event. Parking lots while waiting to pick up a child from school. And even hotel rooms out of town when waiting to watch a son play in a basketball tournament.

What can be better than going on adventures with imaginary people while still having the ability to work on marketing and be there for my family moments later? That’s the unexpected beauty of writing on the road.

If only I had an easier way to record my thoughts while driving.

What about you? Where do you get your best ideas? Does your job tie you to a single location or are you mobile?


Writing On the Road
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