toolbox-29058_1280After ten plus years on this writing journey, I’ve gleaned massive amounts of instruction and encouragement from published authors further down the road. While I sometimes wondered if I’d ever have anything to offer future writers that hadn’t been said before, I knew that some day it would be my turn to pass along some wisdom while paying it forward.

Then came a day a few months ago when a handful of us went out to lunch after our local writers group’s monthly meeting. I mentioned a social media tool I’d started using and another woman pulled out a scrap of paper to take notes as she asked specific questions. It soon became clear that I knew a lot about business things newer writers needed help with. An idea was birthed…then shelved as other tasks took over.

January rolled around and that vague idea found a place on my goal list for the year. For later this year after I got a couple other things in place. A week later, I headed to the mountains for a writer’s retreat and spent a chunk of time mentoring a newer writer and swapping marketing ideas with a couple others. My vague idea found confirmation.

Last week, I was able to answer a question through email in a way that really helped another writer and energized my creativity in a super-fun way. I found the first topic to tackle.

Sensing a theme yet? But just in case I hadn’t figured out the importance of paying it forward through a series of straight-forward and practical business tips to encourage other writers in their journey toward publication and beyond, I was invited to do a Periscope interview via Skype. In the next 50 minutes, I shared about my journey, the value of a small press, revision tips, and even my method for plotting a book. (You can watch the video here or check out Cara Grandle’s other interviews and Scopes here.) Talk about an awesome interview and yet another confirmation that I have something to offer.

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So what’s my point? Coming very soon to my website will be a page dedicated to The Author’s Toolbox covering topics like building a website, social media basics, scheduling tools, marketing checklists, and easy ways to stay organized so you can keep focused on the task of writing new stories. Each topic will have a shareable post packed full of valuable information and resources and who knows, eventually I may package the whole toolbox into an ebook.

2016 is my year to pay it forward as I deliberately encourage other writers by giving them the practical tools they need to build their own careers.

What about you? Who encouraged you in your journey so far? Is there a nugget of wisdom you could share with someone else to save them the headache of learning it the hard way? How are you paying it forward?



Paying It Forward – Encouraging Other Writers
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