archery-660632_1280“My heart took delight in all my work, and this was the reward for all my labor.” Eccl. 2:10 NIV

I started off 2016 with a determined focus (like the guy in the picture) on a few areas, but struggled through most of January with the uncomfortable realization that I just might be focusing on the wrong areas. Ouch!

You see, I have a financial goal for this year and that means I need to increase my business income. Through listening to various marketing podcasts last fall while preparing to launch my debut novel, I found myself mulling over a few ideas for small businesses that I could start on the side to generate a passive income, freeing me from the asbestos day-job and allowing me to write more. Win-Win-Win, right?

However, in January, as I pulled those business-building ideas to the front of my to-do list, I soon found myself procrastinating over the simplest of things…followed by massive loads of guilt as days slipped by without any real progress. And what sounded like a good idea last fall, suddenly had lost all appeal. Not to mention that the slog was taking my focus away from the most important thing to a writer—writing—and that added more guilt when days went by without adding to the word count. It was no fun!

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One weekend, I found myself curled up in our recliner asking God for wisdom about what exactly I was supposed to focus on since this wasn’t working. I soon recalled a verse about a double-minded man being unstable in all his ways. Yep. That was me. Instead of being focused, I was splitting my attention and energy in too many directions. And even more, instead of trusting God to provide for our needs, a part of me was afraid writing wouldn’t earn enough money so I believed I *had to* divert and dilute my energy toward other things that paid better but did not get me excited. (Heart-to-heart connections with God’s wisdom aren’t always comfortable or flattering!)

After a few tears, I made the deliberate decision to put my sole business focus on writing this year and leave any other rewards in God’s hands. I filed away all my notes about a side business and opened up my laptop. While my favorite writing program loaded, I flipped the page on the daily Scripture calendar on my desk to find the opening verse: “My heart took delight in all my work, and this was the reward for all my labor.” (Eccl. 2:10 NIV)

Talk about a timely confirmation that I was making the right choice! It had been far too long since I’d been delighted in my work. I would much rather romp on the written page with fascinating characters then pursue a side business in an unrelated niche. That joy would be my reward and it would be enough.

And then God opened my eyes to another piece of the writing world that also gets me excited—helping other writers. I love mentoring and teaching! Suddenly, the tiny nugget of an idea that had been buried under the avalanche of side-business procedures or protocols was freed to rise to the surface and receive its own confirmation through various conversations.

The Author Toolbox is finding a home and my focus is back on writing. And, yes, my work does delight me!

What about you? Are you delighted in all your work? Have you ever had a painful heart-to-heart with God that freed you to find the passion that had been there all along?


Does Your Work Delight You?
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