soccer-933037_1280It’s no secret that I’m a goal-setting woman and I’ve got a long list of things I’d love to accomplish this year. But recently I heard an analogy about goals that transformed how I think about the power of setting small goals.

The speaker described goals in terms of a soccer game or a football game. In soccer, players have one primary objective–get the ball into the net. And they basically run around for a long time with little measurable progress. In football, teams break the huddle looking for a first down, followed by another and then another. True, there are times a play breaks open for a touchdown or they hurl a “Hail Mary” pass when time is running out, but usually football teams set and accomplish a series of smaller goals on their way to reach the end zone.

What’s that got to do with my life? I may have the goal to finish a new manuscript or two this year, but if I approach that goal with a soccer mentality, I could run around in circles until September before panic either sets in or I give up. But if I think like football, I would break the big goal down into 12 months and then each individual week and even day into specific word count goals. By focusing on the small achievable piece, I should eventually look up and see the end zone within reach. And that would be a beautiful sight.

So today, I’m refocusing my attention on a series of small goals.

What about you? Can you break your big goal for the year down into smaller steps?

The Power of Setting Small Goals
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One thought on “The Power of Setting Small Goals

  • February 15, 2016 at 6:24 pm

    your analogy about goal setting is very good. Being intentional, keeping the main thing the main thing etc. is better than lots of frenetic energy spent without clear targets in view.

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