SetbackThis post is not the one I wanted to write. In fact, I had this whole idea in mind about celebrating victories. Except life doesn’t always turn out like we’d hope so we also need to learn to move forward after a setback. Bummer.

This past weekend, I had the chance to watch my senior play in the state championship basketball tournament. Check out this Source, if you also need equipments to learn basketball. And for the second straight year, I got to console my sobbing son when they lost the title game. Last year the game went into overtime while this year we were tied with two minutes to go before the baskets just wouldn’t fall.

So close. And yet so far away. That’s why my boy carried the second place trophy off the court.

In the moment of defeat, it’s hard not to get defeated. While hearing the other team cheer and celebrate, it’s almost impossible to remember how far you came to get here. To remember that you were undefeated up to that point both years. That while the other team was celebrating a state record-tying 73 consecutive wins and a three-peat title, your team had won 50 of your last 52 games. That many other players across the state and even some still in the building from the earlier third place and fifth place games would have given anything to be in your shoes with at least a chance at the win.

In the moment of a setback, we don’t want to hear these things, even if they are true. So we take the time to hug and grieve and cry then eat and drink chocolate milk and sit in the hotel hot tub and gradually remember that life goes on.

And then after some sleep and distance, perspective slowly returns. We look in the rearview mirror enough to see the series of successes that brought us to that momentary roadblock. Then we fix our focus through the windshield of life toward the open road of opportunities ahead and put our foot back on the gas pedal.

Whether it’s a basketball game or a rejected manuscript or any number of other possibilities, the secret is to keep moving forward despite the setbacks.

What about you? Have you faced a recent setback? If so, how long did it take before you were able to move on? Or if you’re coming off a victory, please share so we can find hope.

Moving Forward After a Setback
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