crocus-844938_1280The funny thing about living in Colorado is that you can never really tell when spring will arrive.

A week ago, I noticed a lot of fresh green shoots in my front flower bed and my heart got excited for my favorite season. I love Spring because everything that was dormant comes to life in a flurry of colorful and fragrant blossoms that symbolizes the hope of eternal life after the relatively-dark winter of this fallen world. How’s that for a glimpse of our eager anticipation?

A closer survey of my yard found swelling buds on the maple tree and even tiny green leaves on the rose bushes. I even found a bigger smile on my face and a skip in my step along with a sudden desire to bypass the sweaters in my closet and pull out a pair of capris.

Two days later it snowed.

As I bundled back into a heavy coat and gloves to shovel the driveway, I found my sense of hope settling back into waiting-mode again. But it wasn’t just the weather dragging me down because the chilly forecast was followed by an email containing bad news as well. Suddenly I was back in the middle of winter waiting for spring, longing to just curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and disappear into the pages of a good book.

Yet, the crazy thing about spring is that no matter how volatile the day-by-day temperature swings, eventually the warmer weather wins. The leaves emerge. The flowers bloom. It might be mid-May like sometimes here in Colorado, but the wait will eventually be over.

The same is true in life. Hope keeps us hanging on, knowing that something better waits around the bend. And while the journey might take longer than we’d wish, spring will come to those who wait.

What about you? What are you waiting for? Have the storms of life thrown a delay into your timeline?

Waiting for Spring
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