resting runnerHow has May been treating you? Ours has been the typical end-of-school-year May-athon with the usual choir concerts and awards nights and final exams. However, this year we also added dueling State playoff appearances since our athletic oldest son qualified for the State Track Finals in two events and then got to rush to another part of the state for Regional Baseball action the next day. Oh, followed by his graduation the day after that…which was yesterday.

I’m exhausted. He’s exhausted. We’re all exhausted.

The good news is that we squeezed every ounce of memory out of the last few days and will have no regrets. But now it’s back to the rest of our lives. The dusty house. The empty fridge. The bills to pay. The day-job project to pick up. The book that needs to be written and the marketing plan to be developed. Yet all these things require energy that I don’t have at the moment, especially when I think about crafting an interesting story-line.

So after the graduation party tonight, it’s time to refill the tank. Sleep and good food are part of the equation. Quiet time in the Word is also vital. I’ll probably also head outside for a walk now that the weather around here finally resembles spring and I can soak up some vitamin D. Listen to a few birds chirping as my blood pressure settles. A few movies or a good book will do nicely to inspire plot ideas. A conversation with a friend. A scenic jigsaw puzzle while listening to classical music. Then some quality time with the family, and in a few days I should be ready to get back in the race again.

(Over five years ago, I wrote a couple blogs about Running on Empty and Living Full that still apply today.)

What about you? What’s the gauge say in your life? Are you running on empty or living full? How do you refill the tank?

Refill the Tank and Get Back in the Race
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