cartwheelLike I said last week, I love the power of a good routine. But I also know that routines can get boring and doing the same thing over and over can soon land you in a rut that’s incredibly hard to break out of. That’s why I’m also realizing how important it is to be mixing it up with some variety this summer. Sometimes, I just need to turn things upside down.

So, rather than fall back on those same five or six easy-to-fix meals, I’m dusting off the stack of unused cookbooks and pile of magazine clippings to try a new recipe or two (or ten.) I think my family will appreciate the change too.

Rather than yawn through the same walk-in-circles-in-my-living-room-to-get-more-Fitbit-steps, I’m looking for a scenic park or a mountain hike to lift my spirits and enjoy some fresh air and soak in some Vitamin D.

Rather than always turning right at the corner, I’m sometimes choosing to go straight or even turn left. Why not take my brain out of auto-pilot and start paying attention to my surroundings?

Rather than wear the same few outfits every week, I’m going to dig to the back of my closet to clear out the clutter and maybe discover a few forgotten treasures.

Rather than watch the same television shows every week, I’m thinking about digging into the video cabinet for a forgotten favorite or even check out a movie or two from the library.

Rather than dread the messy middle of the book I’m currently working on, I’m going to open a new file and pretend that I write Regency romance for a day in order to recapture the fun and energy of creating stories.

Rather than stare at the same post-it notes on the same white wall above my computer, I’m going to unplug the laptop and head to the porch or the library or a park.

There’s something powerfully freeing about tapping into a different part of my brain and waking up the neurons that haven’t been used in awhile. And my mixing it up, I’m hoping for more creativity and heightened observational skills to inspire the end of my novel-in-progress.

What about you? Do you ever get stuck in a rut? How do you mix up a stagnant routine? What benefits do you find in variety?

Mixing It Up
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