finish lineTurtle power really works.

In case you’re wondering, about four weeks ago, I blogged about being behind on word count and waiting for time to sprint and romp happily through the last half of a story when such time was hard to come by. Turtle power became my way to reach the dream of crossing the finish line.

So even though it was summer time and I could sleep in or start my day at a lazy pace, I got up earlier and spent 45 minutes to an hour at my keyboard getting a jump start on my writing before rejoining the typical morning routine of getting Princess ready and off to her day’s activities.

In order to meet my personal deadline of July 15th, I planned out a crazy four weeks with a new chapter every day and a half. (I’ve never seen a turtle move that fast!) It left little time for much else—and a few late nights where I still got up early to write—but day by day it all added up…and I’m thrilled to report that I wrote THE END last Wednesday. (The 13th in case you’re keeping track.)

Dance Over Me releases on September 19th.

The sequel, Focus on Love, is in the hands of my critique partner so it can get whipped into better shape.

And I’m celebrating my day-dreaming about  book #3 in the series. (I think that might be the last one with this group of characters, but you never know who I’ll meet while writing.)

Because a finish line is also a starting line, this turtle is still plugging away on another story, but at a much more reasonable pace.

What about you? Have you reached any personal goals lately? If so, how did you get there? If not, what habits can you change to get you closer?

Crossing the Finish Line
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