DaniThe Wardrobe Dinner Theatre is happy to introduce one of the newest members of the cast, Danielle Lefontaine. She wowed the director with some fancy footwork at her audition and stole the heart of the Sheridan family matriarch with some soulful singing. As part of the ensemble in our opening show—42nd Street—prepare to be amazed by the rhythm of her dancing feet.

Join me in giving a warm Wardrobe welcome to the multi-talented Danielle.

Please, call me Dani.

Okay, Dani. What else should our audience know about you?

Let’s see. I’m 23 years old, grew up in the Denver area, and graduated from the University of Colorado—Denver with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre, Film, and Television with a Music Performance minor. And while I’ve been making the rounds of auditions, I’ve also gotten a lot of experience waiting tables, so guests shouldn’t worry that I’ll spill anything on them.

What about dancing? We’ve heard that’s your specialty.

reddancerlady_39I started dancing when I was ten. Mostly tap dance and jazz. A little ballet fundamentals along the way, but mostly I’ve picked up a broad foundation of styles that ranges from ballroom to swing to even a country two-step.

That variety should come in handy when the theater switches to a different show.

I certainly hope so. But mostly, I just love expressing the emotions of the music through movement. I think I was made to dance.

Nice. As for music, what do you think about having a live band?

I hope their director can keep a steady beat and knows how fast to play each song. Otherwise, it gets awfully hard to keep a dozen dancers tapping together as one. Speaking of which, I can’t wait for our guests to see the curtain rise on 42nd Street. That opening dance number still makes me want to get up and dance…and I’m already in the scene.

That’s one trademark scene for the play. What’s another?

Oh, that’s easy. It’s the “Lullaby of Broadway” scene where the director talks a clumsy actress into coming back to take the starring role. I just love that song. Guess it’s a part of the reason I went into acting as a career choice.

DanceOverMe 500x750 (1)Well, we’re certainly glad The Wardrobe chose you and are looking forward to the upcoming season.

Folks, it’s not too late to pre-order your ticket, er, copy of Dance Over Me, so you are ready when the doors open on September 19th. Reserve your front row seat here.

(And don’t forget to email a copy of your pre-order confirmation to Candee [at] CandeeFick [dot] com to be entered in a drawing for a bonus signed copy of Catch of a Lifetime.)

Dance Over Me – Meet Danielle Lefontaine
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