dance-danceoverme-with-stageAt long last, the curtain is rising and it’s opening¬†day for Dance Over Me…and there’s a lot going on over at my Facebook Page. In fact, the main character from the novel, Danielle Lefontaine, is taking over for a few days! She’ll be giving backstage tours, introducing other members of the cast, and even sharing a few videos from The Wardrobe’s first show, 42nd Street. I’ll try to circle back here and embed some of the fun stuff for later visitors, but you don’t want to miss it live!

Oh, and if the Opening Day party on my Facebook Page isn’t enough to keep up with, I’m also a guest on four different blogs today! So pardon me if I keep this short and encourage you (again) to head over to the party.

Here’s a peek at the action you might have missed:

Dance Over Me – Opening Day
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