footprints-1145883_1280I’ve been writing for a long time now and have published a half-dozen books including my last two novels. But the only name you’ll see on the cover is mine. Which might lead one to believe that I’m writing solo.

Except that couldn’t be further from the truth. You see, whenever I sit down at the computer to write, I’m not alone. I’ve asked God to be my writing partner. To give me inspiration to solve tricky plot problems. To show me insight into human behavior so my characters come alive in readers’ imaginations. To teach me deep truths about my faith that I can then show through the story’s theme.

At the recent ACFW Conference in Nashville, I had the extreme privilege to sit in a room with other authors and soak up Allen Arnold’s workshop about “The Story of With: A Better Way to Live, Love, & Create.” I came home, bought the book, and have since tear-stained, highlighted, and dog-eared the pages since the message is one I needed to hear. Even though I believe that I already write with God, I needed to go deeper still.

For the sake of being WITH rather than the sake of writing.

With that idea in mind, soak in a few of these truths gleaned from Allen’s artful analogy.

You are creative. The DNA of the Creator pulses through you…I believe He gives each of us a particular calling so He can then spend time with us on that unique playground.

If we let it, waiting puts us in a place of childlike wonder. It’s staying expectant for what’s to come without striving to make something happen.

If I can accomplish something purely in my own strength, those dreams were way too small … [God] draws us into the deep to make us deeper.

Do not change for the critic! We are responsible to create with the Creator and then serve it to the hungry. If others don’t like it, that doesn’t invalidate the dish.

God doesn’t need your help as much as He wants your heart. Whenever you start to focus more on your talents and gifts than on Him, you miss the main invitation. Which is to pursue them together. With Him.

With God, the priority is always presence over performance.

True success means you create with the Creator, in fellowship with others, as you engage with the community your creation serves. With. With. With.

The world is starving. Each of you has the ability to change the atmosphere in your circles. You have the honor of feeding those who hunger through your life, your work, and your creativity.

Relinquish the script you’ve been holding so tight and replace it with an expectancy for all God desires. Not just for you but that He wants to do with you.

What about you? Are you living life by yourself or journeying with God? Is your focus on the destination or the journey itself?

Writing Solo or With a Partner – The Story of With
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