bling-third-contractEvery year, I find myself struggling to get my to-do list accomplished so I can finally sit down, relax, and enjoy the season. In the scramble to finish this year’s projects and brave the stores for those remaining perfect gift ideas, it’s sometimes hard to remember the blessings.

But Christmas came early for me this year and I’m excited to share the highlights. (In other good news, my house is already decorated, the traditional cheese balls and salamis are made, the shopping is complete, and all that remains is the wrapping.)

The first gift? I signed a new contract for my third novel with Bling! Romance. Focus On Love is the sequel to Dance Over Me and brings readers back to The Wardrobe Dinner Theater. Tentatively scheduled to release in February of 2018, I’m looking forward to the editing and other production phases during the coming year.

Next? I tackled NaNoWriMo to get a jump start of the third book in that series and am so excited to report that I wrote “The End” of Sing A New Song last week. Of course, by writing that fast, the story is a sloppy mess of a first draft so I’ll be starting 2017 with a major revision goal. But, it’s done…and that means I wrote two complete books this year in addition to launching my second published novel.

Third? My college boy came home for Christmas. We expected him to be home for a short eight-day window starting today…but as a red-shirting basketball player, his coach gave him the entire Christmas break off. That means he showed up last Tuesday and gets to stay for another three weeks!! Which all goes to show that this Mama is thrilled to have all her kiddos under the same roof again, even if the laundry basket is overflowing and milk jug is running low.

With a week until Christmas, my heart is overwhelmed with blessings and I’m very aware of God’s presence in my life as we prepare to celebrate the season when God came down to dwell with mankind.

So, pardon me while I curl up with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate beside our tree, because Christmas came early.

Christmas Came Early This Year
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