So much to do and so little time. And what do I do? Almost nothing, except sit around guilt-ridden for how little has gotten done in the last month. (Please tell me someone out there can relate to this paralyzing procrastination!)

This year started out with such high hopes. My list of goal projects was ambitious but certainly doable, especially since I had discovered a new plan that would help me get the main things done while holding on to my precious sanity. Then I found myself fighting a bit of a cold and the resulting bleah feeling made it perfectly logical to put off a few afternoon tasks while I rested up and read a good book. One book led to three more and a gradual return to energy and focus.

Except I also found myself behind on my self-imposed editing goal. Of course, editing this book is really more like a complete rewrite since I wrote it so fast last November. The pages are riddled with present tense,whole paragraphs of telling, and complete dialogue exchanges missing all forms of punctuation. Can we say tedious? But that’s okay, because even if I didn’t make as much daily progress as I’d hoped, the good words would eventually start to add up.

Then the second-guessing began. Should I really be focusing on that snail-progress editing job first or on the non-fiction, mentor-other-authors-and-make-a-little-income business idea that’s screaming from its second place in line? The income generated would take pressure off the financial need for the dwindling day job and free up more time to write…but the income won’t come until the content is written…and the content won’t get written until the editing job is done, which at this current pace might be May.

Unless I switched the two projects around in order. Or tried to do both at once while wrestling with a not-so-low-level of guilt that I really should be actually working on something and making a whole lot more progress instead of simply treading water dabbling in two projects at once. Not to mention, there’s a potential agent out there who could jump start a completely different project with a need for a second book in that fresh series. And a coming editorial letter from my publisher for February 2018’s contracted release so I’d have to stop work on whatever I’m finally doing in order to meet that deadline.

Yikes! And all because I have too many amazing projects on my wishlist for this year and since it wasn’t completely clear which should come first, I stalled out on everything for a few weeks.

Whew. So I think I’ve sorted through the quagmire and tallied all the pros/cons and decided to tackle the non-fiction project first. Get that guilt off my back and start generating a little income. Then let the editorial letter changes re-ignite a passion for this series and put some sparkle (and speed!!) back into my editing project. Freeing me up for that next book or series to write.

Actually, now that I think about it, both projects I’ve been wrestling with were slated for this first quarter of the year. And if both get mostly done, it’s still a win. If only I hadn’t spent so much time paralyzed by procrastination before busting through to actually make progress.

What about you? Are there projects that you dread and keep putting off? Or are they too massive to comprehend and even thinking about it makes you tired so you never start? How do you bust through procrastination?

Paralyzing Procrastination
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