Spring has sparked a new season of growth for my whole being in body, mind, and spirit. I’ve already talked about growing stronger physically and growing sharper mentally. This week, I’m focusing on growing richer in my spirit.

The spirit is a harder concept to grasp, even if you come from a faith perspective like I do. All I can say is there’s a part of me deep inside my heart or chest region that reacts and responds to beauty around me. A part that longs for more. That sings a new song when inspired. That overflows with abundant love and joy. A part of myself that can just as easily feel parched and isolated and empty.

Just like I feed my body with food and feed my mind with information, my spirit gets fed with beauty. Much of that beauty comes from communication with the Creator of all beautiful things through my quiet times of reflection in the Word of God, prayer, and worship. In the rush of a busy life, this area often gets short-changed so I have to be deliberate and disciplined to protect this time on a regular basis.

I’ve also found that it’s harder to find times of silence when everyone else in our household is out of school for the summer. That’s one reason why I enjoy getting out of the house and heading to a park, the path alongside a lake, or even the nearby mountains. When outside in nature, I’m reminded of the Creator and easily slip into a conversation of thankfulness that in return fills my spirit. Of course, there is also research to show that “forest bathing” through a simple walk among the trees reduces stress and has other health benefits, but I personally think that’s because all time spent in creation feeds the spirit because I feel the same refreshing alongside water or watching the surf roll in on a beach.

There is also inspiration to feed my spirit found in other areas of creation like a powerful musical score, a gorgeous piece of art, the fluidity of dance, and even the laughter of children. So, I’m going out of my way to find these other sources and then pause to soak them in while I can.

Between my quiet times, walks in nature, and other sources of creativity, it’s a season of growth in the way I care for my spirit. How do you feed your internal being and find refreshment?

A Season of Growth – Part 3
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