Some days are meant for throwing a party and celebrating little wins. Today is one of them.

It’s been a long year so far with many ups and downs…and my goal list for the year only has a couple things checked off. But if you’ve spent any time around me and my blog, you’ve probably picked up that I’m a natural optimist. It’s going to be okay and I’ve got hope that the tiny steps taken today are going to lead me to a bright future. (Besides, a few projects finished are better than none.)

That said, there are still days like today when I stop myself, catch a breather, and reflect on all the big and little wins that have piled up this month. Yes. This month. (Or rather half a month since it’s only the 18th, but who’s counting?)

But before I start throwing the confetti, I want to invite you to be a part of the celebration too. In fact, this week I’m holding a “It’s a Happy Book Birthday” drawing for a free book and you’re invited to drop your name in the hat. But, sneaky sort that I am, the link to enter won’t show up until you read, clap, and cheer through these victories with me.

Win #1:  Catch Of a Lifetime, my debut novel, just hit 100 reviews on Amazon last week. This could have happened a long time ago but the crack-down on reviewers left many skittish folks who deleted their kind words. But now I’ve officially crossed that seemingly insurmountable barrier. Whew. And a WIN!

Win #2: Dance Over Me is celebrating a Book Birthday tomorrow. Getting a contract for one book was a dream come true. Getting the second contract was life-changing and a year after release, I’m still pinching myself. (If you haven’t read it yet, please do. It’s getting higher reviews than my first book.) Being multi-published is a WIN!

Win #3: Focus On Love, the sequel to Dance Over Me, is now in the hands of really-early reviewers and endorsers…and it releases in less than five months just in time for Valentine’s Day. My launch-planning spreadsheet is finally starting to get a few boxes filled in and checked off. Progress is a WIN!

Win #4: One small goal for this month had been to finish my personal edits on Sing a New Song, the finale of The Wardrobe series. Well, after clearing my weekend to pound through those last four chapters, I’m celebrating the fact I’m ahead of schedule. Between weaving in comments from my critique partner and a final read-through, I should be done with this book on time…and ready to start on the next idea. WIN!

Win #5: From the previous few wins, you might think I’m a productive person who gets a lot done. And for the most part, that’s true, especially since I’m also juggling a day job and the needs of a usually-whiny special needs daughter. But then I took this free productivity assessment (you can find it here if you want to check it out), and discovered I only scored a 74 out of 100. And for this overachiever, that could be a failure. Except that I also rated as a “Solitary Supervisor” (duh, I work from home) and got personalized tips about how to improve. It’s all about the growth around here and learning to work smarter. For being willing to take an honest look at myself, I count that as a WIN!

Win #6: Speaking of growth, I’d been doing a bit too much of that around the waistline (ahem) and decided that September was the month to focus on that area. I’ve been trying this Fast Metabolism Diet to repair and reset my metabolism…and so far I haven’t cheated once! Even when presented with lasagna and carrot cake and a bag full of chips. For not cheating, I think I deserve a standing ovation for that WIN!

Win #7: I’ve been getting plenty of day job work lately. (I work on a project-by-project basis.) The work takes time away from my writing…but takes care of the extra financial needs like college tuition, an 8th grader’s spring trip to Washington D.C., and engine repairs to our minivan. Not going into debt and having money for these things is definitely a WIN!

And Win #8: I got a text from the college boy last week. Rehab from his knee surgery this past summer is going well. While he won’t be cleared for full basketball activity until sometime in November, he was finally able to get out on the court and shoot free throws. And after several months without shooting anything, he hit 250 out of 274 shots. That’s a WIN for muscle memory!

Can you tell why I’m celebrating little wins today? Because I feel better already and energized to finish this month strong.

Oh, and that “It’s a Happy Book Birthday” drawing I promised? Check it out below or here. The winner will get an autographed copy of one of my books.

What about you? What are you celebrating today? Can you name five little wins this month? Want to share any big wins so we can all celebrate with you?

P. S. If you want to check out any of my other books, they can be found at And if you struggle with being productive during your day, feel like a “Pressured Producer” or a “Multi-Tasking Maven,” I encourage you to take that free assessment at

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Celebrating the Big and Little Wins (Plus a Giveaway)