In honor of Thanksgiving Day later this week, I’m sharing my “Things To Be Thankful For” list with all of you. (And in the interest of full disclosure, a few of these were stolen, um, borrowed from some of the newsletter contest responses I received earlier this month.)

Of course, I’ll probably keep adding more to this list every day, but it’s always good to get a jump start in order to put my heart in the right place.

I’m thankful for:

  • Salvation and forgiveness through the Grace and Mercy of God
  • A Friend in Jesus – I could never make it without Him
  • My husband – He picked me, then works hard to provide for our family
  • Our three kids – There have been challenges through the years but also much joy
  • My parents – They raised me with a foundation of faith, a can-do attitude, and while we never had a lot of money, we always had enough to create memories as a family.
  • My brothers – Yes, even though they loved ganging up on their big sister, there’s a lot of laughter and sarcastic humor when we get together
  • The rest of my family – Near and far, blood relatives and in-laws. There’s peace and security in knowing I’m not alone.
  • Friends – Some date back to high school and college, but over the years I’ve added a lot of other school moms and many from the writing community to the list of people I can talk to at any given moment about the things we have in common
  • My life – I sometimes forget how close I came to death after the birth of our second son, but God has me here for a reason.
  • My health – After battling a chronic illness for years, it’s a blessing to be able to function normally and lead an active lifestyle even if I could still stand to lose a few extra pounds.
  • My son’s healing – We’ve already navigated the broken ankle and multiple concussions in high school, so it’s extra special to know that his semi-recent knee surgery is behind us. And that he’s been cleared for “unrestricted competition” starting this Saturday.
  • Our home – It may not be extravagant, but it’s cozy and conveniently located to all the places we need to go.
  • My day job – Not my first choice in how I’d spend my day, but the extra income always comes along whenever we’ve got a financial need.
  • My son’s scholarships – Can we say he’s on track to graduate from college debt free? And as he contributes more on the basketball court, his personal and our family contributions will dwindle.
  • My writing – I still can’t believe I’m actually getting paid to talk to imaginary characters and tell stories. And now I’m getting more chances to pay it forward to other authors.
  • This country – The freedom to build my own business, work from home, and worship openly cannot be taken for granted.
  • The defenders of our Freedom – Others have sacrificed so my family can enjoy this life.
  • My church – I love the  community of faith, worshiping together, supporting each other, and being challenged from the pulpit to dig deeper into the Word and put my faith into action.
  • The difficult paths I’ve walked – Mostly because of the lessons I’ve learned…
  • Living in Colorado – Every day after driving the youngest to school, I face the most amazing view in the country with the snow-capped Rocky Mountains against a brilliant deep blue sky.
  • Fall – The vibrant colors, crisp air, crunchy leaves underfoot, and the excuse to drink hot chocolate or hot apple cider.
  • Sweaters – Nothing quite beats snuggling into soft, cozy, warm fabric when the weather outside changes (as it often does here in Colorado)
  • Movie theater popcorn – I love bonding with my youngest over a great plot and sharing a bucket of overly-buttered deliciousness.
  • Dark chocolate – Speaking of delicious treats, I’m thankful for this decadent indulgence.
  • Reading – Not only can I gain wisdom and understanding from the written word, books allow me to travel to different places and times while learning valuable lessons along the way. Not everyone in the world can read or has access to books, so I’m thankful for both.
  • Puzzles – I’d much rather put together a jigsaw puzzle than play cards or a board game. There’s still the challenge without the extra stress. Not to mention a gorgeous photo when I’m done.

Okay, my list is probably long enough for now…and will definitely grow before Thursday.

What about you? What would you add to your list?

Things I’m Thankful For
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