The countdown has begun and soon you will be seeing the Focus On Love cover all over social media. But today, I’m super excited to share it here on my blog and give you a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes cover creation process.

First, let’s just take a few moments to soak in all that adorable, romantic cuteness.


But who are these people? And why are they smiling?

Glad you asked. I suppose I should start by introducing the main characters. (Although readers of Dance Over Me have already met Liz and the rest of The Wardrobe Dinner Theater cast.)

Free-spirited Elizabeth Foster turned her back on her father’s photography business to pursue musical theater, but with a one-show contract, she’s a few weeks from unemployment forcing her home. Meanwhile sought-after photographer Ryan Callahan has put his career on hold to help his sister’s family while her husband is deployed, but the promise of a bigger assignment could lure him away from building a family of his own. If given the choice, what dreams would develop? Or will they learn to focus on love instead?

Now, when it came time to design a cover to wrap around this love story, my publisher asked for a bunch of ideas. Of course, I wanted a romantic couple on the front to attract the romance readers.  I also wanted a hint of a snowy scene since these two (**semi-spoiler alert**) share their first romantic moment while on a snowy, outdoor outing. I suggested a few snowflakes around the edges and found pictures of a Colorado evergreen winter background. And the amazing designer actually got all of that into one cover!

As pretty as the picture is along with the deep blue color that reminds me of a Colorado sky, the fonts add even more to create a great first impression. The font and wording of my name is consistent with my other titles so that helps build my brand consistency. The shutter lens “O” in the word Focus captures a hint of the photography element contained in the story. But coolest of all (at least to me) is the font and color change for the word “Love” because it just pops off the page.

Especially since the book launches the day before Valentine’s Day.

But also because it draws our visual focus onto Love.

Which just happens to be the theme of the book as Liz learns to focus on the love in her life. The love of vocation. Of friends. Of families. Of military members for their country. Of romance. And especially the overwhelming, sacrificing love of God that invites us into a relationship rather than a list of religious rules.

I’m planning to start the new year by focusing on those different facets of love as we grow closer to the book launch. But for today, I couldn’t help but share this gorgeously perfect cover with all of you.

P. S. Focus On Love is now available on Amazon so pick up your copy today!

Focus On Love: Cover Reveal Time!
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