Less than a week ago, Focus On Love officially released and I’m still speechless and overwhelmed and incredibly grateful at the response from readers. That’s why today I’m devoting this blog to celebrating a successful book launch with all of you!

Of course, a book launch doesn’t happen overnight any more than writing the book itself. I spent months planning (and praying) and recruiting members to my launch team and writing guest blog posts and designing graphics…and biting my nails just waiting for the day when the second book of The Wardrobe series would officially move out of “pre-order” status and readers could start posting reviews.

Now, as an aside, those reviews are gold to an author no matter the length, eloquence, or even number of stars. Why? Because Amazon’s algorithm to boost visibility of certain books factors in the number of reviews and their frequency. Not to mention, some book promotion sites like BookBub seem to choose highly-reviewed books over others.

Between my launch team, the blog tour hosts, and an ARC offering by my publisher, we gave out a bunch of copies about three weeks ago. And as of last night when I took the above screenshot, I already had 72 reviews. In less than a week. And to put that in perspective, the first book in the series still only has 65 reviews well over a year after it released. (So, ahem, if you’ve read Dance Over Me, I’d appreciate an honest review so Dani’s story doesn’t feel so neglected. LOL)

Beyond the raw numbers of reviews, I’ve been overwhelmed by the number of 5-stars compared to other ratings. Wow. Just wow. And a tear-filled thank you to the Grand Designer who sparked ideas along the way.

Then I started reading the reactions…

“A sweet, clean romance that points the reader to Christ. Get it- you’ll enjoy it.”

“It is one of the best Christian contemporary romances I’ve read…also shares the love of God in a very real, exciting way.”

“The romantic elements of this story are swoon-worthy…it’s a real page-turner.”

“What a fabulous story! Filled with deep characters and a mesmerizing storyline. Start this book when you have plenty of time, you won’t want to put it down!”

“If you’ve ever felt unlovable or not loved, this book will change your mind and your heart.”

Do you see why I’m speechless? All of the messages of hope and love I tried to weave into the story have found roots in the hearts and minds of the readers. Mission accomplished. Thank you Lord.

However, the book launch is not quite over yet with several ways for you to get involved.

  1. There’s still a week left in the Prism Book Tour  so follow the link and then scroll down to catch all of the tour stops including excerpts, reviews, and a few fun blog posts including my top-ten romantic workplace movies.
  2. There are also two large giveaways left to enter. See the King Sumo and Rafflecopter forms below.
  3. If you haven’t gotten a copy of Focus On Love yet, what are you waiting for? Get it here.
  4. If you’ve read it, please leave a review at that above link (the more, the merrier) but also help spread the word by telling a friend.
  5. And if you’d like, I’ve just formed a Facebook group for readers of my books and we’ll be chatting about parts of the book over the next few weeks.

As I sign off today, I’d just like to take one more overwhelmed-and-speechless-but-exceedingly-grateful moment to thank my readers for all of your support for my writing. I started out to write stories of faith, hope, and love. And in return, I’ve gained so much more than I ever would have imagined.

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Focus On Love – Celebrating a Successful Book Launch
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