Today I stopped by The Wardrobe Dinner Theatre to see what’s new since the last time I visited. Back then, the company was getting ready for Opening Day of a new show. But today, I see a couple of police cars in the parking lot. Let’s go talk to the redhead in the box office.

Excuse me. (I spot her name tag.) Elizabeth, is it?

Please. Call me Liz.

Liz. Can you tell me what’s going on around here?

(Glances over her shoulder at a closed door marked “Office”) Seems there was some money stolen out of the safe a couple nights ago. But based on the way the police rushed in here a bit ago and disappeared with Mr. Sheridan, I think they’ve got a lead in the case.

Sounds like something from a novel. Or a play. (Laughing) You must love working here.

(Frowns) I have.

Have? That sounds like you’re leaving.

I had a one-show contract, so this coming weekend will be my last shows here. I’m going to miss the energy backstage.

Oh. Sorry to bring it up then. But what are you going to do next?

My roommate Dani says she’s praying for a miracle. And honestly, that’s what it’s going to take since I can’t even find a waitressing job in town. If something doesn’t change fast, I’ll be forced to head back home to Kansas.

And that’s a bad thing?

(Shudders) I’ll be stuck answering phones, packaging up school pictures, and listening to “I told you so’s” from my dad. It’d be better if I could step behind the camera, but he won’t let me. Or at least he wouldn’t before.

Hmm. Well, I’ll join your roommate in hoping you get a miracle instead. (Door opens behind her and a policeman exits.) Thank you for your time.

(I move across the lobby.) Wish I could stick around to find out what happens next. Oh, wait. I’m the author so I already know. (Grinning) But you can find out about the thief in Dance Over Me and then follow Liz’s adventure in Focus On Love which releases next week. Pre-order your copy today! Or start reading the first chapter today by signing up for my email list.

Focus On Love – Meet Liz Foster