Change is hard, especially when trying to uproot or overcome something that’s been around for awhile and has put down roots. (And I’m not talking about the dandelions that think Spring is the perfect time to camp out in the middle of my lawn.) Whether it’s major overhauls on a book manuscript or weaving new habits into an already packed schedule, sometimes change requires a detailed plan.

This is especially true when juggling two (or more) projects at the same time. Because, let’s face it, life can get pretty complicated when we’re juggling multiple hats.

Hat number one for me is “Writer.” Specifically, finishing off The Wardrobe series with Gloria’s redemption story. And not just finishing the story, but getting it right. Right for the series and right for my publisher. Which is why I’m facing yet another round of necessary revisions to unravel and then re-weave story threads into a new tapestry of words so we can finalize the contract and set a publication date.

Hat number two, dueling for attention, is “Healthy Mom.” Specifically, get into shape, eat good foods, and still provide transportation for my special needs daughter to get to work. For the writing side of life, waiting those three hours three days a week has been perfect for pounding out lots of words on a new book idea. But for my sedentary-squishy-middle part of life, hanging out at the nearby Starbucks (or Panera) while sipping a specialty drink hasn’t helped my pocketbook nor my waistline.

Something’s got to change! And while I’ve been sketching out a chapter-by-chapter detailed plan for the manuscript revisions (i.e. what to keep, what to move, what to cut, and what to add), I’ve realized that I should be creating a similar detailed plan toward a healthy lifestyle.

Perhaps I need to have a structured meal plan that allows room for those extra calories in the middle of the day. Maybe I need to find a new place to write that lets me bring my own snacks or healthy meal. Or I need to use those same hours for errand running or workouts at a gym and push my writing into different blocks of time during the week instead.

Whatever I decide, it’s going to take a detailed plan to make it work while not sacrificing any of the other important parts of my life. (And let’s not even get started on the system of reminders and rewards necessary to get me out of one rut and carve a new one!)

Maybe for today I’ll just sit at Starbucks with my Grande Double Chocolaty Chip Creme Frappaccino in one hand and a pen in the other while I figure out where to start. Or maybe I’ll do my thinking while walking around a park…

What about you? What changes do you need to make in order to reach your goals? Are they simple or do they require a detailed plan? How do changes you make in one area affect the rest of your life?

Change Sometimes Requires a Detailed Plan
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