Want to know what it looks like to be living the dream? I spent last night in this room … at the top of a tower in a castle.

That’s right. A castle.

I’m at the Glen Eyrie castle for a few days. Writing in the early mornings, then teaching and mentoring a group of middle school writers for the rest of the day. I am literally living, breathing, talking, and dreaming about stories all day and night.

It’s like a fairy tale. With lots of stairs, an unfamiliar pillow, and a lack of caffeine. Which means that sometimes the dream doesn’t look exactly like we thought and we start to wish things were a little bit different.

Except it’s still the dream and not everyone gets to do this!

A few weeks ago, another writer friend was telling me about her struggle to juggle her children’s activities, moving, a volunteer responsibility that touched the lives of unpublished writers, and all of the marketing involved with a book launch. I nicely reminded her that hundreds if not thousands of writers dream of one day launching their own book into the world.

So yes, we are living the dream even if it looks differently in the trenches. Or at the top of the ivory tower.  (Just ask Rapunzel…)

Once upon a time, I dreamed of being married. Of having children. Of owning a house with a garden where I could grow pretty Spring flowers and rose bushes and sit on the porch while reading and sipping lemonade. I also dreamed of teaching. Of encouraging others. And of writing book after book after book.

I can tell you that after all of my trips around the sun (so far), I’m living my dream. Never mind the dust bunnies, clutter, whining, piles of laundry, and weeds. Forget about the long hours spend hunched over a computer staring at a blinking cursor wondering what to type next. Just ignore the scattered to-do lists, stacks of books to be read, and teetering piles of ironing and mending that the kids have likely already outgrown.

Life might not have turned out exactly like I thought it would. But this is what it looks like to be living the dream.

What about you? What were your dreams as a child? Have you ever gotten what you wanted only to discover reality was different from your imagination? Are you living your dream?

What It Looks Like to Be Living the Dream
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