Fall might be my next favorite season after Spring. I love the rich reds and warm yellows of the changing leaves against the (usually) deep blue of the Colorado sky. Cooler mornings where you can sometimes catch sight of your breath in the air as a brisk wake-up call. Hot spiced apple cider. Actually apple cinnamon anything. After months of retro t shirts and shorts, it’s nice to dive into the back of my closet for those long-sleeved forgotten favorites. And then there’s the hint of wood smoke in the air as fireplaces are lit for the first time in months.

Of course, here in Colorado fall can also mean snow like we got over the weekend, but within days our typical weather patterns will push the hint of winter off into the future. Allowing us to enjoy fall once more, soaking up those last remnants of warmth to carry us into the colder months ahead. As one season fades into the next only with more change on the horizon, I’m reminded not to take today for granted but rather enjoy the moments as they come.

With the changing weather, this season is the time to store up the staples for the coming months where I’ll be trapped inside out of the cold. In addition to canning and freezing the last of the garden’s harvest, it’s time to winterize the sprinkler system and switch the thermostat from air conditioner to furnace. My pantry shelves are stacked with the ingredients for various soups and my collection of cozy throws emerges to decorate the couches in the living room, within arm’s reach when I want to snuggle into an additional layer of warmth.

All of the above makes Fall the perfect time to fall in love with books all over again. Winter might claim the Christmas classics while Summer boasts of the beach read. But Fall books are like familiar friends with their mixture of cozy warmth and sprinkle of spice to keep things interesting.

Inside the covers of a book, the seasons of a character’s life also undergo change as they let go of the lies they’ve believed and the past falls away. In the best stories, a rich variety of emotion is displayed across the pages like the changing colors of the leaves outside. Laughter and tears. And love. With dashes of wisdom along the way that linger in our minds like the spices of cider or pumpkin lattes on our tongues.

Here are a few of my favorite fall books to stock your to-be-read pile:

  • Catch of a Lifetime by yours truly. When it comes to fall, I think football. And this Christian romance covers an entire season of the game against the backdrop of a Colorado fall.
  • From the Start by Melissa Tagg. This book kicks off her Walker family series set in fictional Maple Valley with a fall season romance between a sidelined football player and a romance writer. So sweet!
  • My Stubborn Heart by Becky Wade. Fall in Pennsylvania. a home restoration project, and two wounded hearts that are too stubborn to see the love waiting around the corner for them.

What about you? What are your favorite things about this season? And what are your favorite fall reads?

Falling In Love With Books
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