Time flies and life rolls on.

Coming off a weekend stuffed with turkey and pie followed by the annual pull-out-the-tree-and-decorate-on-Black-Friday tradition, I’m internally reeling at how fast this year has gone by. And how much I still would like to get done before the end of 2018.

Then, right in the midst of flipping calendar pages and editing entire books and updating my work and home to-do lists…a major life milestone slipped up on us.

Our youngest finished his driver’s education course and passed his permit test. With his official birthday yesterday, this afternoon will find us camped out at the DMV to get his picture taken. Then, with a legal instructional permit in hand…he’ll be sliding behind the wheel.

My baby. Learning to drive. Today.

It’s just another reminder that life rolls on. The infants, toddlers, and diaper stage of life gave way to crayons, elementary school, and Legos. Then came sports, homework, and school dances…followed oh-too-soon by college applications, tests, and visits.

With one kiddo already in the working world and one set to graduate from college in May, it won’t be long (maybe?) before first apartments, engagements, weddings, and grandkids. 

Yikes. Nope. Back the train up. 

Life rolls on, but forgive me if I slam on the brakes and choose to savor every last memory with the youngest who is a high school freshman. The baby who can finally learn to drive.

Because too soon these years will be forever gone and I don’t want to have spent them looking too far into the future.

What about you? What stage is your family in? How do you dream for the future without losing sight of the moment?

Ready or Not, Life Rolls On
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