Anyone else stressed that there’s only one week to go until Christmas? Maybe it’s time to exhale stress and inhale hope this season.

The college boy got home in the middle of the night. The high school boy is approaching finals later this week. The Princess and her father both have work. And I’ve got detailed lists of work and writing things I still need to do  so I can take a break for our Anniversary and Christmas. Not to mention, there is still one last gift to buy, plus baking and all that wrapping.

In the middle of the crazy, it’s easy for me to fall into the trap of “check these things off the list and then I finally sit down and relax and enjoy the season” mode. Maybe you’re the same. And maybe that’s just the way it has to be this week.

Nope. Put down the scissors and tape. Shove that mixing bowl to the side. Turn on the lights on the tree. Push play on that CD or Spotify playlist of seasonal music. Grab that cozy throw and curl up on the end of the couch with a mug of hot chocolate.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Let the cares slide off your shoulders. Exhale your stress. Inhale hope.

There’s a Reason for this Season and in order not to lose sight of it, we’ve got to be purposeful. To choose to focus on Emmanuel. God with us. Love came down. The Light of the world. The greatest of gifts in the humblest of places, a stable. And while this immeasurable Gift came at a great price, it’s also free to receive. Let that thought warm us up from the inside for a few minutes.

And if your family is anything like ours, Christmas Eve will find you at church surrounded by friends and family. Singing familiar carols. Hearing the Christmas story once again. Raising candles that were bought from the Catholic store and singing Silent Night.

It’s a scene I deliberately wrote into Focus On Love…and then repeated in A Picture Perfect Christmas. Maybe because I needed the reminder multiple times myself.

What about you? How do you keep your focus on the reason for the season?

Exhale Stress and Inhale Hope This Season
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