(Not my “friend” but he looked like this!)

“For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.” ~ Psalm 91:11 NIV

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to escape to the mountains for a writing retreats with several author friends. We’d spend all day working on our various projects and then meet up for dinner to relax and regroup before getting back to work. The isolation away from my dusty house, piles of laundry, and childcare makes it easier to focus on my story-in-progress while the built-in accountability of checking-in with my friends keeps me on task.

After dinner, when I’d normally start to slow down mentally and begin to procrastinate, I found myself driving from our hotel to Starbucks for one last power-writing session before bedtime.

It was on the way back from Starbucks on a Friday evening that God’s angels were called into extra duty…and I was reminded once again that God has an amazing plan for my life. And that my time here on earth is not done yet.

As the staff were mopping the floor and preparing to lock the doors, I packed up my stuff  and headed out to my minivan. It had snowed earlier in the day, but the roads were mostly clear and dry. But the temperatures were more-than-frigid, especially with the wind.

I only had to drive a couple miles from the coffee shop to the hotel and at ten o’clock in the evening, I was one of only a few cars out and about in the mountain town. Now, if you’ve never driven in the mountains, let me just say that it’s very dark. And the roads don’t go in flat straight lines.

So, as my car’s heater battled against the cold during my short commute and worked to erase the fog misting the inside of my windshield, I clutched the steering wheel with gloved hands. Coming up over a slight rise, the road curved to the right…and suddenly my headlights illuminated a giant bull elk standing across my entire lane.

My first thought? What is that and why is it standing in the middle of the road where it might get hit? (Yes, it was late and I was already brain-dead from an intense day of writing…)

Second thought? Aaaaaaah! I’m going to hit him!!!

I slammed on my brakes and swerved to the right…but the van wasn’t slowing fast enough. With a loud thump-thump, I made impact and then came to a stop on the side of the road. My heart pounded in my chest and I found myself light-headed with shock at the realization I was still alive.

I turned to the left and behind, looking for the injured animal in the middle of the road. But there was nothing there. Had I imagined the whole thing? No, because I could clearly see the remnants of my driver’s side rear view mirror smashed up against my window. (And later, once I returned to our hotel, I found a tuft of hair trapped in a crack on the corner of my front bumper.)

Were God’s angels watching over me to guard me that night? I absolutely believe they got a quick workout shoving that giant beast out of the way. Instead of a head-on collision, I somehow only clipped his rear end. And while my mirror was shattered, my vehicle still functioned. And despite my pounding heart and the rush of adrenaline that kept me from sleep for another hour, I was not injured and was able to continue writing for the next two days before returning home to my family.

The moral to the story? God’s promises are true. You (and I) are never out of His sight and care. And never underestimate those angels watching over you.

What about you? Have you ever experienced a close call like I did? Did you recognize God’s hand of protection on your life? Do you believe there are angels watching over your life?

Never Underestimate Those Angels Watching Over You
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